Saint George on a Bike presents at the European Comission Expert Group on Cultural Heritage’s training course



Maria-Cristina Marinescu, coordinator of the Saint George on a Bike project (SGoaB), participated in the training course carried out by the European Commission Expert Group on Cultural Heritage on 6 July 2021.

Under the title “How Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning methodologies are used in the Saint George on a Bike project: Describing cultural heritage imagery”, she presented the motivation, goals as well as the basic approach and the main challenge of SGoaB. Later, there was time to talk about the technologies used in the project such us Deep Learning for object detection, which allows to identify objects by placing them in time and infer visual relations between detected objects in images with complex scenes using bounding box analysis. Moreover, she also highlighted the natural language model used for description generation to refine object detection and the usefulness of the caption classifier to generate captions using Deep Learning.

Finally, Marinescu explained SGoaB´s challenges so far, for instance the Crowdsourcing campaign that is being promoted to have richer metadata for training and also to give a better evaluation by quantifying enrichments quality and usefulness to the user.

Access Maria-Cristina Marinescu’s presentation