SGoaB has selected the following use cases:


Enrichment of selected content from the Europeana collections website

Selected content from the Europeana collections website  will be enriched with relevant metadata, to provide a richer browsing experience on either the portal or via web-services through the Europeana APIs.


Search based on enriched metadata artifacts

SGoaB will help provide a better search experience, based on enriched metadata, with the help of AI technology. As a result, CH collections curated by Europeana will be easier to search based on richer criteria. Those criteria will relate to image content and potentially higher level concepts recognized in image content (e.g. icons and symbols).


Upload in data sharing platforms

Enrichments will be uploaded to the Europeana collections website as well as the to the European Commission's European Data Portal. Public institutions could use the rich heritage metadata to:

    - generate quality material for websites or leaflets that promote their regions,
    - improve advertising and cultural tourism quality as well as other cultural activities and fairs. 
    - support education programs with enriched material.

SGoaB will gather additional metadata through crowdsourcing, experimenting with various communities of users.  This data will be used to train models that can generate richer metadata types, i.e.  image descriptions.